We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Multi Sensory Play

By Laura, Oxfordshire Mum of 2

My 2 and a half year old is currently obsessed with “We’re going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen. I wanted a multi-sensory way to inspire her even more.  I found a Pinterest post with some trays that children could walk through, but decided I couldn’t cope with that level of mess, so my trays stayed firmly on the table.

story book sensory play for toddlers

Our grass is coloured rice. I’ve only recently discovered a good way to do this and it’s fab! Pour rice into a bag, mix food colouring with some white vinegar (about a tablespoon -enough to coat all the rice) add to the bag and mix together.  Lay the rice in a tray and leave to dry preferably overnight!

For the river I just used water, the mud is cornflour, cocoa and water, mixed together (I didn’t measure this, just mixed it with water until it was a “thick oozy” consistency.

The forest is some silk leaves I bought on eBay for my autumn sensory box, pine cones and some trees I had for Christmas (also from eBay).

The last tray is some reduced fake snow that I got from a local garden centre after Christmas, but I think shaving foam may have been more fun!

My munchkin spent ages walking around the tray retelling the story! She loved it!

Hear Michael Rosen telling his famous story.

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