Halloween Party Food

If you’re having a spooky Halloween party then you’ll need some equally gruesome Halloween party food.

Mummy Toasts

halloween party food

A twist on cheese on toast, this is super simple to make and yummy for kids too.

  • Toast one side of the bread under a grill.
  • Spread the non toasted side with some tomato puree
  • Lay on strips of cheddar to look like the mummy bandages, remember to leaving some space as the cheese will melt and spread.
  • Add a couple of pieces of olives for eyes.
  • Grill until the cheese melts and starts to bubble.

Spooky Spider Pizza

Perfect for pizza lovers and if they’re like my eldest who hates olives, they can just pick them off before eating.

  • Either make your own cheese and tomato pizza or use one from a supermarket.
  • Cut an olive in half to make the body of the spider.
  • Cut the other half into little strips to make legs.
  • Add as many spiders are you like, cook and enjoy.


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