Most Important Pickleball Rules – Awesome Game for All Ages


Pickleball is one of the sports in America that is rapidly rising in popularity. Although playing pickleball is similar to playing tennis, there are several factors that make it easier to differentiate the two. Unlike tennis courts, pickleball courts are smaller, making the game a lot less arduous and a lot more compact.

 Pickleball is essentially a fusion of traditional tennis, table tennis, and badminton. Players can face off as doubles or singles, just like in traditional tennis. If you are just starting out on pickleball, then familiarizing yourself with pickleball rules will allow you to learn the ins and outs of the game a lot faster.

 For a game of pickleball, you would require; a court, a net, pickleball paddles, and a whiffle-like or lightweight ball. Pickleball is a game that people of all ages can play, and due to its non-threatening aspects, when you are playing this entertaining outdoor game, you won’t even realize that you are exercising.

 What Are the Most Important Pickleball Rules

 1.   The Ball Shouldn’t Fall Out of Bounds


Like most paddle and racquet sports, there are white lines on either side of the court that are used to indicate where you can and can not hit the ball. Hitting the ball out of bounds puts you at a disadvantage of losing your serve or giving the ball to the other team and might even alter the remaining course of the game.

However, even if you hit your ball out of bounds on serve, you can still get to the net when you’re returning, and this puts you in a better position to win more points. This means that you are not completely doomed if you were to hit the ball out of bounds.

Other than hitting the ball out of bounds, hitting it under or into the net is also problematic and is considered a fault. Getting a fault means that the ball goes to the opposing team, which is one of the factors of pickleball that makes it different from other net-centric sports. Always remember that fewer faults are crucial for giving you a better chance to win.

 2.   You Have to Follow Proper Serving Regulations

 The serving regulations are easy to follow and remember. To know how to get started with a game of pickleball, observe the following steps:

  •      Determine the first server by a randomized number selection, the flip of a coin, or something similar. Luckily, this doesn’t give the server any advantage; it just balances the playing field for both teams


  •     The ball must be held underhand and below the waistline. This is a necessary formation for the game to get started. By keeping one foot behind the baseline, you can ensure that the service starts from an acceptable distance


  •     When serving, hit the ball diagonally to the opposite side of the court. Hitting the ball directly across will cause a fault. The proper way to go about it is to make the first service from the right side of the court and the next one from the left side, and so on


  •     Unfortunately, making a fault or an incorrect serve means that the next service will either go directly to your opponent or your teammate if you are playing doubles


3.   There Should Be One Bounce Per Side

This is arguably the most important and unique pickleball rule. It is also a rule that is often forgotten, especially during the first serve. When you are hitting it back to the other side or serving, you need to ensure that it bounces only once on your side. By letting the ball bounce twice on your side, you allow the ball to go back to the other team.

 Essentially, there has to be at least one bounce on either side of the court during a serve and the returning serve. When the ball comes in your direction after a service, you should let it bounce once before you hit it. Additionally, the return serve should also be allowed to bounce.

 Get Started

 Pickleball is an amazing sport that’s all the rage for people of every age. It presents tons of fun-filled opportunities for people who play sports for both competitive reasons and fun.

Find out where you can get a pickleball court where local pickleball enthusiasts go to play. Get information on how you can get in as a beginner and where you can sign up for a beginner’s class.

 Once you are set, put on your sneakers, grab your pickleball paddle and any other gear you might need, and participate in a game of pickleball. Observing the rules outlined above and getting a few pointers from pro players will give you the upper hand in most of your games. Most importantly, have fun!

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