How to Make an Easy Superhero Costume

Here’s an easy guide on how to make a superhero costume.  Perfect for imaginative play, as a party costume or for dressing up and saving the day.  The tutorial includes how to make a no sew superhero mask, how to make a superhero cape and last but not least, how to make superhero cuffs for that extra special touch.

How to Make a Superhero Cape Top

Here’s how to make a superhero cape top. There are no ties around the neck so it’s comfortable for a young superhero to wear. We made a lightning flash design but you could make any logo on the front such as the first letter of the child’s name. Some basic sewing is required to attach the cape to the T-Shirt, but it’s a relatively easy project which could be completed by novice sewers.


  • Plain T-shirt
  • Rectangle of material for the cape (same width as child’s shoulders and length from shoulder’s to child’s knees)
  • Felt for logo
  • We also used some shiny gold fabric to make the lightning flash
  • PVA white glue
  • Sewing machine (or can hand sew)
  • Scissors

Easy Step by Step Guide to Making a Superhero Cape Top

  • Cut a rectangle of material to make the cape. This should be about the same width as the shoulders on the T-shirt and about the length of the superhero from the shoulders to the knees. Edge the fabric if needed to stop it fraying.

  • Sew the cape onto the back of the T-shirt across the shoulders. We used a sewing machine, but you could also hand sew this on. We sewed all the way across the width of the cape to securely attach it.

  • To make a lightning flash logo, cut a circle from red felt. Cut a lightning bolt shape out of another piece of felt and glue shiny gold fabric on (or just use yellow felt). See pictures below for shapes.
  • Glue the lightning bolt onto the red circle of felt using PVA white glue, then glue the logo onto the front of the Tshirt.
  • Allow to dry.

How to Make a Superhero Cuffs

Create some easy superhero cuffs to complete a great homemade superhero costume. These are made from toilet roll tubes and felt and no sewing is required.


  • 2 toilet roll tubes
  • Felt
  • Contrasting colour of felt or fabric (we used shiny gold fabric)
  • PVA white glue
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

How to Make Superhero Cuffs

  • Cut open each toilet roll tube vertically along the tube.

  • Glue a rectangle of felt onto the outside of the toilet roll tube and allow to dry.
  • Cut a lightning flash shape (or other shape for your superhero) out of a contrasting colour of felt or fabric and glue to the outside of the cuff. We used some shiny gold material to make a gold lightning flash.

  • Use a hole punch to make a hole on both sides of the vertical cut in the tube. Tie a piece of ribbon into each hole.

Your superhero cuffs are now complete. To wear the cuffs, wrap them around each wrist and tie closed with the ribbon.

How to Make a Superhero Mask

Every superhero needs to keep their identity secret so you’re going to need to make a mask to complete the superhero costume.  Find a great step by step tutorial without no sewing required to make an easy superhero mask.

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