Sanity Sessions at Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy Review

Finally – a fitness session I can take my toddler to, and actually work out! There are lots of great exercise classes that incorporate your baby into the moves, and although Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy runs one of these too, they also offer a session for mums with toddlers and preschoolers who aren’t happy to be used as dumbells or strapped into the buggy while you run!

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Sanity sessions are a 45 minute workout for you, whilst your little ones enjoy a session of soft play. The room is split into two, with half for the grown ups to exercise in and half set up with soft play equipment. It’s an open space so you are in full view of each other throughout the class, and not so big that you’d lose sight. There’s also 15 minutes at the end for you to enjoy the soft play with your child.

I took my 18 month old along to try it out this week, and I’m definitely feeling the burn! Classes are kept small so the trainer (Laura, from LR Fitness) can keep an eye on your posture while exercising. My son was perfectly happy to play while I worked out, and he could easily come over and check in for a quick cuddle when he needed to. I did end up doing a couple of the moves holding onto him, following guidance from Laura, but he was soon back to playing after realising I was going to carry on! A reassuring factor was that  Laura also had her own baby with her, who became part of the exercises at times too!

Sanity sessions run on Mondays from 9:30 – 10:30 for mums with the little ones aged 12 week and over.



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