Toddler 19 to 36 months Gymnastic Classes at The Little Handy Cross

These classes, from The Little Gym Handy Cross in High Wycombe, are perfect for energetic, terrific toddlers. Semi-structured classes that gradually introduce concepts like following a teacher’s lead and listening as a group. Continue your child’s motor and sensory development, and build the foundation for life-skills such as problem solving, initiative and resourcefulness.

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A wonderful opportunity for your toddler to break free, run, climb, jump, bounce, spin, roll, handstand and cartwheel.

Full of the music, playfulness, engagement and fun Little Gym classes are renowned for – all while masking serious learning like hidden veggies in their favourite pasta sauce!

Handy Cross:




Business Name: The Little Gym

Address: Handy Cross Hub, Marlow Hill, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 1TJ


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