8 Exciting and Entertaining Classes for Children

Keeping children engaged in fun and educational activities is undeniably crucial for their development. Thankfully, the internet offers a plethora of easily accessible resources that cater to a diverse range of interests. Whether it’s computer programming or nature walks, a wide variety of online and in-person classes and camps can be found abundantly on the web. Continue reading to discover exciting classes for kids to explore all year round!

What are activities that children do for pleasure and enjoyment?

#1 The Thinking Kid’s Museums Around the World

During a period when numerous cultural venues are closed, ignite your child’s enthusiasm for art and artifacts through TTK’s Museums Around the World class. Students will have the opportunity to “tour” these establishments and gain knowledge about antiquities from various countries, including The British Museum, the Met, the Vatican, and others. This class, which covers extensive ground, is available just once per semester.

#2 Python

Companies like Netflix and Google utilize Python, a high-level coding language that unlocks endless programming possibilities. Python facilitates web development, game development, app building, machine learning, and beyond. Our live online Python class caters to kids and teens, emphasizing crucial Python aspects for Artificial Intelligence, such as data structures and libraries.

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#3 Tinkergarten: Winter Season (Problem Solving)

Getting outdoors and exploring the world undeniably benefits a developing brain. Tinkergarten offers various seasonal programs that foster problem-solving skills by transforming the outdoors into a discovery lab. Kids actively engage in wondering, observing, experimenting, and collaborating, cultivating a problem-solving mindset. The Winter Season comprises 9 weekly sessions starting in January. No worries if you miss this one, as a new course begins at the start of each season throughout the year!

#4 Jenga

You have the option to play Jenga in the traditional manner, which helps children develop their focusing skills, or transform it into an educational game by writing lesson-specific questions. With this approach, each time a child removes a block, they read a question and provide an answer before placing it back on top. If they answer incorrectly, they must then remove another block.

#5 Outschool’s Magic Performance

If you want to amaze your loved ones with an impressive magic trick, consider learning magic performance from Outschool. Award-winning professional magician James Cielen, based in Las Vegas, will teach you the fundamentals of magic performance. In this magic master class, you’ll not only learn a new trick but also how to perform it convincingly and theatrically.

#6 Create & Learn’s AI Explorers

Create & Learn, a global educational startup offers comprehensive Computer Science and coding courses for elementary, middle, and high school students. Enroll your student in a complimentary introductory event for AI for kids and progress through three levels of AI Explorers.

#7 Pokémon Game Building

Join our interactive online class where expert teachers guide students in building and customizing Pokémon games creatively! Explore exciting challenges like customizing Pokémon, capturing them using camera features, and acquiring awesome skills to personalize your game-building experience. Create and nurture your own virtual pet Pokémon while ensuring its health and happiness. Prepare to throw your Pokéball as you conquer the Catch the Pokémon Game, design a dynamic two-player Pokémon soccer game, and aim to build the tallest Pokémon pyramid in the Pokémon Circus Game. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of Pokémon!

#8 Game design with Google CS now

Google offers a CS curriculum that assists students in grasping the fundamentals of game design using Scratch. Students will watch videos and directly apply their learnings in Scratch, creating platformer games, mazes, quests, and other exciting projects. Google’s tools enable users to save their work and progress at their own pace. Although coding experience is not necessary, having prior exposure to Scratch can be beneficial.


We’re glad we could assist you in discovering excellent online classes for your child. These courses are just a few of the numerous options available to keep students engaged and excited about online learning. If you’re looking for more, explore fun, award-winning free kids’ coding classes developed by Google and Stanford experts, designed to get your student coding.

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