What to Buy a New Mum?

When a new baby arrives, most people give cute little clothes and soft toys but some of the best gifts I received were the ones that helped me.  I made a really close circle of Mum friends after my first was born.   When my second arrived, they set up a mini rota and for the first week after my husband returned to work, they would deliver a hot, home cooked meal to the door just in time for dinner.  It was a life saver and they chose meals I could eat one handed!

I’ve asked far and wide and here are some more great ideas from parent bloggers and friends on what to buy a new Mum.  I’ve included some links to products but these are just some suggestions or recommendations (no one is paying me!)

Mum to be Gifts

“My favourite thing was a really comfy pair of M&S pyjamas from my sister, because we all know nice PJs are a must with a new baby!” Amy from Amy Treasure.com

” I was given gifts from my children which my in-laws took them shopping to buy, so it was like a double gift, as I got a lovely memento, while they were happily entertained, so I got a break.” Lucy from The Parent Game

“I loved coming home from hospital to a freshly made bed – so new bedding is a nice idea!” Heather from MsMactivity

“My mum bought me a few hoodie and some joggers sets and they we’re so nice to wear around the house and not having to dress up etc when visitors came ! And to wear home from the hospital” Lianne Marie from Little Ankle Biters Adventures

New Mum Survival Kit

Hand cream is an absolute essential, with so many nappies to change in the early days, your skin soon gets really dry.  Why not try the lovely hand salve’s from Neve’s Bees.

Food ranks high on the list of best gifts and I don’t just mean a packet of biscuits.  Katy who blogs at Allergy Free Day was given a voucher for a food delivery service.  She said “it was fantastic as I didn’t have to go shopping and my husband could follow the recipes to make us healthy, delicious food while I was recovering from a c-section!”

Debbie from My Boys Club said “My friend (already a mum) came round to see me and brought lunch with her – I think it was the only time in the first month that I ate during the day. I got to eat and see my friend – perfect. Another friend brought me vodka”

“A voucher for COOK, so she can eat decent food when her baby won’t let her move. My MIL made a load of freezer meals for us and that was amazing, but I’m not a very good cook (or I CBA) so COOK seems like a more achievable idea! ” Francis from Whinge Whinge Wine

“Netflix! We got our first Netflix subscription after I had the girls – obviously my friend knew we would be up for hours during the night doing feeds so a Netflix subscription was a game changer and now they can watch it too!” Beth from Twinderelmo

“I wasn’t given this, but I now think it’s a genius idea for a new mum since buying myself one – a spill proof travel mug! The number of times I boiled the kettle and forgot… or made a tea and it went cold. A sippable thermal flask is a genius idea to keep your hot drink warm for hours! Perfect for a new mum” Victoria from Lylia Rose

“By far a sling! Best thing ever for a baby that just wants to stay close” Emma from Happy Family Hub

New Mum Pampering Gifts

“I was bought a Sanctuary Mum to be box and it was amazing!” Ashleigh from 3 Girls Mummy

“A voucher for their hairdressers. After having a baby you lose so much hair it can feel quite scary and doing your hair is one of the last priorities as a new mum so it’s nice to give something that’s a real treat just for them that they can look forward to. ” Louise from Pink Pear Bear

“I’ve never really received anything bar flowers (all other gifts were for the babies) but I’ve put together quite a few pamper hampers over the years so mums remember to take a few minutes out to relax and unwind. Bath bomb, chocolate, magazine, herbal tea bags etc. They’ve been really appreciated.”  Emma from the Mini Mes and Me

“I can’t remember what I was given… mainly baby stuff (all of which I loved!) but I love the Mum’s Back gift hampers.. indulgence for mums!!! Super clever idea” Maggie from Red Ted Art

“Relaxing pillow mist with essential oils” Jenny from Midwife and Life

“I was given the Mother and Baby magazine subscription. As a new mum I loved all of the tips and ideas. I never found the time to read a book but the magazine was perfect for a little bit of ‘me time’” Katy from Otis and Us

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