Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids to Make at Home

From DIY hamster toys to handprint or fingerprint artwork, there are so many Christmas themed craft ideas which you can get your children involved in creating. So, whether you want to get crafty with them to keep them occupied on dark, cold, winter nights; or simply want some unique gifts to give, read on!

Kids Christmas Crafts

Christmas craft ideas: Simple crafting to do with kids this Christmas

With these super simple craft ideas, you can be sure to keep your children entertained on winter days leading up to Christmas.

Kids Christmas Crafts, kids finger painting craft

  1. Create the perfect gift with your children’s fingerprints. Whether you choose to print a photo of them in a Christmas jumper, or use this year’s school photo, a fingerprint Christmas light frame will make it an ideal gift.
    • You will need your chosen printed photo; some plain white paper; a variety of coloured paints; glue stick; and a black permanent marker.
    • Stick your photo to the centre of the paper.
    • Dip your children’s finger into a paint colour.
    • Add a number of fingerprints in each colour, framing the photo.
    • Once the fingerprint painting is dry, use the permanent marker to add marks to look like bulb fittings and string between each fingerprint light bulb.

hamster crafts, pet crafts for kids

  1. Christmas themed pet toys are sure to be a winner. One of our favourite DIY hamster toys is a Christmas tree for hamsters! Here’s how to make it:
    • Save up your old toilet roll cardboards.
    • Paint each one in green, non-toxic, pet-safe paint.
    • Allow them to dry fully.
    • Stack them into a pyramid shape, with one at the top, two beneath that, three beneath that and so on and so forth until your “tree” is your desired height.
    • Glue them into place.
    • Add a few hamster-safe decorations, including a star to the top.
    • Pop this new toy into your hamster’s cage and watch as it enjoys exploring the tunnels and climbing the “tree” you created.

pine cone Christmas tree craft, christmas decoration crafts kids

  1. Pinecone Christmas trees. Combine outdoor autumn walks with Christmas crafting with this super simple decoration idea.
    • Gather pinecones from your local woodland walk.
    • Paint the pinecones in your favourite shade of green.
    • Once dry, add decorations of your choice. This could be glitter, a few different coloured pom poms, a small, gold or yellow felt star or pretty much anything of your choice.
    • Use a glue gun to stick the widest part of the pinecone to a piece of cardboard painted white, to look like a snowy woodland floor.
    • Use these pinecone Christmas trees to decorate your own home or give as gifts.

kids christmas crafts

Now you have some Christmas craft ideas, why not get your children to sit down at the table and get creating?



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