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Coding is often described as the 4th literacy, and yet IT education is a part of the UK school curriculum that is consistently under-resourced and often under-delivered. Code Ninjas amazing games-based learning experiences resolve this, providing kids with an opportunity to develop IT know-how and problem-solving skills all in a super-fun way!

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Well-planned fun-focused activities ensure students ‘power-up’ with knowledge and skills at their own pace.  Clever Sensei guides are on-hand to inspire the Ninjas to build what they want to play, celebrating and rewarding their achievements, and guiding them toward solutions when they get things wrong.

Learning to code delivers more than just IT skills… It develops the ability to interrogate ANY situation and find a solution with the best possible outcome. Learning to code is learning to think, addressing the challenge and overcoming setbacks to succeed. Making mistakes are part of the journey, and building resilience to failure is a hugely beneficial asset. Code Ninjas are focused on creating tomorrows’ thinkers, designers, creators and leaders, for which 21st century thinking skills will be a pre-requisite. The unique way that they deliver education builds confidence, promotes collaboration and develops reasoning.

 Those with the mindset to confront problems and tackle them with logic and reason will go further, faster. Expert in-person coding tuition is available after school and at weekends. What’s more, the sessions are flexible – you can schedule your visits at times that suit your own work or family commitments. Code Ninjas invite everyone to book a taster session to try it out for free! They are also available for Birthday parties, and have holiday camp activities running through school holidays.

 For parents who are concerned about too much screen time Code Ninjas say:

 Of course, children should not spend every single second of the day staring at a computer screen. But it is essential to provide 21st century opportunities for kids to develop critical thinking, imagination, and creativity. In the right environment they can learn and develop skills that can help them advance their future career prospects on screen and off it.


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