DIY Felt Magnetic Board for Kids

You can easily create your own easy felt and magnet board out of an old biscuit tin. Making it is half the fun and then you can play with it again and again.  The double bonus is you have a toddler felt board on the inside and a magnet board on the outside.  Once you’re finished, it’s easy to tidy away as you can store the magnets and felt shapes inside the tin.  If you have a small tin, it would make a good travel game for a long journey.

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What You Need to Make a Magnetic & Felt Board:

    • Tin with a flat lid (i.e. no raised embossing)
    • Piece of felt the same size as lid
    • Scraps of felt in different colours to the piece the size of the lid.
    • PVA glue
    • Coloured paper the same size as lid
    • Magnets

How to Make a Felt Board in a Biscuit Tin

  • Draw around the tin lid on the felt.
  • Cut out the felt slightly smaller. The felt can be stretched a little when it’s glued on so don’t worry about cutting slightly small.
  • Glue the felt onto the inside of the biscuit tin lid.

diy kids felt board, make your own felt board, kids felt board

  • Have fun cutting out felt shapes from different colour.  This is great for fine motor skills, shape recognition and just great fun! You could try different shapes, letters, numbers, people and clothes, buildings and let your imagination run wild.
  • We even glued some sequins on to some felt shapes for some added sparkle.
  • The felt shapes will cling slightly to the board. You can arrange pictures and designs on top of the board then rearrange them to make new pictures over and over.

How to Make a  Travel Magnetic Board for Kids

Super easy, this almost doesn’t even need a how to tutorial!

  • Just cut a piece of coloured paper the same size as your biscuit tin lid.
  • Glue to the top of the biscuit tin.
  • Now you can add your magnets and rearrange as you like.  If you have letter magnets, it’s a great way to create simple words for kids learning to read.

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diy kids felt board, make your own felt board, kids felt board

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