Fusion Dance Academy | Appleton

If you’re looking for children’s dance classes in Appleton, south of Oxford, then look no further. Fusion Dance Academy offer tap, ballet and freestyle dance lessons.  Fusion Dance Academy are friendly and fun, and their child centered approach encourages children to learn, grow and flourish. Lessons are child centered and they also offer a free taster.

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Children develop an understanding and love of dance, develop a great skill for life.

The Thursday classes take place in Appleton near Abingdon in the village hall.

Dazzlers from 8 years +

Tap Dance Class 4:15pm
Learn a new skill, develop co-ordination, listen to the rhythm and beat inside and most importantly have fun.

Ballet Class 4:55pm
Ballet is an amazing dance style for children to learn. It teaches elegance and poise as well as co-ordination and a great workout.

Freestyle Dance Class 5:35pm
Express yourself with freestyle dance.  The perfect way to be create and explore up to date beats.

As well as the regular weekly dance classes, children have the opportunity to work towards yearly exams and you have the chance to see them perform at summer shows and performances.




Business Name: Fusion Dance Academy

Address: Appleton Village Hall, Oakesmere, Appleton, Oxfordshire, OX13 5JS

Opening Times:

Thursday's @ Appleton Village Hall Dazzlers 8yrs + Tap 4.15pm Ballet 4.55pm Freestyle 5.35pm

Website: https://www.facebook.com/fusiondanceacademyoxfordshire

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