Holloway Hill Recreation Ground

Do you want to play a fairy tale? Then if the answer if Yes, you need to check out Holloway Hill playground in Godalming.

One of our lovely followers mentioned this park to us, and after seeing some pictures we of course had to go check it out – and it didn’t disappoint.

The playground is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Children of all ages can find so much fun exploring the swings, slides, and climbing structures. Parents can relax on the benches while watching their kids play and make new friends. The playground is a vibrant hub of activity where imagination and laughter flourish.

Wooden playgrounds offer children a safe and enjoyable place to play and have fun. They provide opportunities for kids to climb, slide, and explore. Tree houses are an exciting addition to wooden play areas, allowing children to create their own little world among the branches.

Parking across the field from the playground, the little ones were very excited to go and explore. They literally ran straight across the open field and made a beeline for the park. Once safely enclosed in the playground it was time to explore and make up some adventure stories.

There was a two storey oak playhouse, which had its own little windows, stairs to the upper floor and a little slide. Noah and Isabella loved playing in this house and pretending that it was their home (this house was also the perfect spot for me to hide when we got caught out by the hail storm).

Swings are always a favourite for us, and they had toddler swings, and the older swings. Now for us we usually head for the toddler swings, however Noah and Isabella have just recently learnt the older swings – so we spent ages on here learning how to swing our legs back and forth.

There was also a lighthouse which had a fireman’s pole, and also various rope bridges which you could walk / balance along. These were great for the children to practice their balancing skills, although they did seem quite high I was able to still support from below if the children did need any extra help or support. We had great fun in pretending that the Gruffalo was on the floor below us.

Throughout the playground there was also stilt posts, arch bridge, balancing beams and wobble boards. There were log frames to climb on, slides to slide down, and a see saw to… see saw on.

At the vicinity was also a multi-use games area, cricket wicket and outfield, football pitches. Just outside the park was also a trim trail where you could swing on the money bars and practice some exercise, or maybe bring the dog for a nice stroll around the park.

Visit the playground and unlock a world of joy and playtime for the whole family. This is a magical playground where you can’t help but get lost in a fairytale.


Business Name: Holloway Hill Recreation Ground

Address: Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1BW

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