The King’s School Witney

A Christian education that gets results

The King’s School Witney is an independent, Christian, non selective, school for girls and boys from early years through to their senior school.  The school’s founding principles are to be thoroughly Christian in curriculum, character and community.

Founded in 1984, The King’s School, Witney was the first purpose built school of its kind in the UK and is part of the work of Oxfordshire Community Churches (OCC).  It is also a member of the Christian Schools Trust which is a network of over 40 similar Christian schools.

Christian in Curriculum

Throughout the school, great emphasis is placed on the Bible as the Word of God. Each week spiritual principles are taught through stories and theme teaching and time is given to worshipping and praying together. As pupils get older, they are encouraged to think through the implications of their faith and to see how it affects the world around them.

Christian in Community

Family is central to The King’s School Witney.  The aim is to serve the parents in helping to train children socially, academically, emotionally and spiritually, thus equipping them for life.

The Bible sees education as the responsibility of parents and it is for this reason that they welcome parents and other members of our churches to work alongside the staff to create a sense of family within the school.

Christian in Character

The school mission statement is to create young people who know God and are trained to serve and influence their generation by Godly attitudes and actions.

The King’s School train pupils towards Christian maturity in ways appropriate to their differing age levels.  This includes:

  • Heart attitude before performance.
  • Respect for those in authority
  • Faith in God
  • Servanthood and stewardship
  • Excellence in effort
  • Sacrifice
  • Godly discipline
  • Humility

Early Years

The King’s School Witney provide early years education through their Stepping Stones Foundation Unit which has a reputation for  warmth, caring and a purposeful atmosphere.  Children aged from rising 3 to 5  are provided with a high quality of care, where they can grow personally, socially, emotionally, spiritually and academically, working towards all the Government’s Early Learning Goals in the context of a Biblically based, Christian environment.

Primary Education

God is at the centre of the entire curriculum and staff actively encourage all children to give their best.  While they don’t follow the national curriculum tests at Key stage 1 or 2,  children are tested regularly and the average child is generally about a year ahead by the end of key stage 2 in their core skills.  These comprise:

  • English (including reading, writing, handwriting, spelling, speaking and listening)
  • Maths (including mental maths)
  • Science

Teaching in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science is supported by a range of other subjects including Music, Arts and Crafts, History, Geography, Biblical Studies, French, PE and Computer Skills.

Project work is greatly enjoyed by pupils and is developed around different themes each term.  Collaboration and cooperation are notable features of the children’s interaction and both are strongly encouraged.

There are opportunities for all pupils to participate in dramatic and musical events and to take part in lunchtime clubs which have included choir, chess, football and cartooning.  In addition,  year 6 pupils are usually given the opportunity to work for their cycling proficiency qualification.


Secondary Curriculum

The Senior Department builds on the world-view taught in the Primary Department, encouraging students to apply Christian principles and values to their learning in all areas of the curriculum, whether practical or academic.  Staff work hard to prepare students for GCSE examinations in a wide range of subjects. They also encourage them to be responsible, caring citizens and to serve their community through a variety of initiatives.

Sport plays an important part at school with a broad range of options on offer from football, rugby and netball to hockey, badminton, tennis and athletics.  Matches are played with other schools in the area and the annual Christian Sports Day is enjoyed by all.

Music and drama form an integral part of weekly assemblies and a highlight of the senior year is the expressive arts week where the whole senior school works together to put on a dramatic production incorporating dance, drama, art and musical offerings.

Information about admissions, open days and visiting the school can be found on The King’s School website.



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