Pendulum Painting

Pendulum painting is a whole lot of fun for kids and can get pretty messy too so best kept for a sunny day outside.  Ours didn’t look anywhere near as fancy as some of the posts I’ve seen on Pinterest but loved doing it.

pendulum painting, pendulum painting kids

We contructed our frame from a cardboard box but you can experiment with poles or anything that will allow you to hang your pot from and have a clear space underneath

What you need

  • Large carboard box
  • Empty pot or cup that you can easily pierce a hole in
  • String
  • Paper
  • Paint

How to do Pendulum Painting

  • We made our frame by opening the top and bottom of a cardboard box.  It wasn’t very stable so we used the flaps to steady it.

  • Pierce a hole in the bottom of the pot.  We used an empty yoghurt pot.
  • Tie string to 2 sides of the pot.
  • Attach the other ends of the string together and fix to the top of the carboard box.  We found this a little tricky to start but found that punching a hole in the box and then feeding the string up and taping on the top worked best.
  • Water down your paint and add it to the cup.

pendulum painting, pendulum painting kids pendulum painting, pendulum painting kids

  • Place paper under the cup and give it a good swing.
  • The paint runs out and creates splats on the paper below.  If you get a good swing you can even create swirls.

Why not add different colours of paint to create your masterpiece.


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