Play World New Soft Play at Bracknell Leisure Centre

Following a £1.9 Million refurbishment project across the centre, Bracknell Leisure Centre now boasts a brand-new soft play area!  Introducing Playworld which opened May 2024 and we were straight in to check it out.

The Bracknell Leisure Centre new soft play centre has vibrant colours, a jungle theme, and interactive elements – it’s a breath of fresh air!  Everything has been thought of and more. Open five days a week there are time sessions to suit everyone’s need and each session lasts 1.5 hours long – so plenty of time to explore and have fun.

The main sof tplay itself is a warren of adventures, from different levels to explore, cargo bridges to climb over, tunnels to crawl through and soft play bollards to squeeze yourself into, each route you take leads to a different adventure.

No soft play is complete without that all important slide, and at Playworld they have four of them. In the middle of the soft play they have an impressive four side by side slide. This is great as means you can have races down them and also sit alongside any younger children which you may have. With a few humps in the slide it’s sure to add extra excitement on the race to the bottom.

A smaller double slide is also located on the first floor of the soft play, and is shorter in length. Or for the more adventurous of children there are an addition two enclosed tube slides which go from higher heights and have a few extra humps and twists in them.

On the lower floor was a ball pit with brightly coloured lights, so gave the effect of a disco ball pit. Isabella loved swimming in the ball pit, and even hid under all the balls. She had great fun throwing the balls and diving underneath them. From in here it was great as you had full sight of the soft play frame up above.

It was great to see that apart from the soft play itself there were added elements which we hadn’t experienced before. On the top floor there was an interactive football area where the children could kick or throw balls at the targets and score points. Both Noah and Isabella loved this area and spent ages running after the balls, and cheering when they scored a goal.

Keeping to the interactive theme there was a great game where you had to beat the clock to hit the most targets. I love playing this myself and it remind me of a game I used to play called Whack a Mole. The aim of the game was to hit as many coloured targets as you can within the time frame.

There is a separate area (in a different room) for babies under 2years of age. With their own selection of soft play, they have a mini slide, interactive floor tiles, shapes to sit and climb on, soft play rockers, a sound wheel and lots of other exciting things. Inside this room there are also table and chairs where you can sit, and a great addition of a buggy park where you can securely lock away your buggy whilst enjoying your visit.

There is an onsite cafe which serves hot and cold refreshments. So why not grab a snack or lunch in the servery area whilst the kids are entertained and having fun in the soft play. Plenty of table and chairs to sit on, either right by the soft play itself, or across the room in a quieter section. Which is ideal if you need a little peace from the hustle and bustle of the softplay.

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Business Name: Bracknell Leisure Centre

Address: Bagshot Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 9SE


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