Sign and Sign, Salvation Army Building, Bicester


Baby Signing and Communication Classes

Help your baby communicate BEFORE and whilst speech is emerging with Britain’s longest running, multi Award-Winning baby signing classes. Sing and Sign’s unique approach combines action songs, props, pictures and toys in musical activities designed to stimulate speech and language development. Weekly themed classes help you learn signs that you can use regularly in your daily routine. Classes are for babies from 6 weeks – speaking and are held all over Oxfordshire.

With three stages of classes available, Sing and Sign Babes classes for babies from 6 weeks -5 months, Stage 1 classes for babies 6-13 months, and Stage 2 classes for toddlers 14 months – speaking there’s bound to be a class suitable for you.

Classes are held on a Monday at the Salvation Army Building, Hart Place, Bicester

Imagine being able to understand what your pre-verbal baby wants, feels or notices? At Sing and Sign, we teach you just that, building the framework of great communication and through using simple signs, you can unlock a window into your child’s world, way before they can communicate verbally. Communication is at the heart of everything we do, that’s why at Sing and Sign, we focus on you and your baby/toddler, encouraging you to connect, captivate and communicate with them, to help promote and support your baby or toddlers learning and development. At Sing and Sign we make sure that learning and using baby signing is fun and easy. Giving you the signs/songs to use at those important routine times of the day but also incorporating lots of topics that are engaging and of interest to your baby too.

What does your baby want to say? Join us and find out!


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Business Name: Sing and Sign

Address: Salvation Army Building, Hart Place, Bicester, OX26 4FR

Opening Times:

Stage 2 (14 months – speaking) at 9.45am
Stage 1 (6 -13 months) at 10.45am and 11.45am
Babes (6 weeks – 5 months) at 1pm


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