The Fred Dawson Play Park | Upper Bucklebury

Tucked behind the Memorial Hall in Upper Bucklebury in West Berkshire is a play area with a difference! The play park itself is well equipped for younger children but just beyond this is what makes this park special, a built-in track full of twists, turns and hills, for scooters and bikes. There is also an area of woodland to explore beyond the park and some lovely pubs nearby in the village to visit.

upper bucklebury playground

Here’s everything you can expect to find there…

Play Park

upper bucklebury playground

The play park is designed for children up the age of 11 and has a good range of smaller size equipment for the kids to explore. Included is a wooden climbing structure with two slides, swings, balance beams, a metal climbing frame and even a ride on horse!

upper bucklebury playground

One of the lovely things about this play park is the setting. It’s in a quiet area, away from the road and surrounded by trees. On a summers day all you can hear is the birds around you and the wind in the trees making it a relaxing spot for parents too.

Scooter and Bike Track

pump truck upper bucklebury, young boy stood next to bmx track in upper bucklebury

What will attract slightly older children to this area, however, is the scooter and bike track. The track is made up of a series of hills, loops and turns and is a good length for getting up some speed and trying out some jumps!

As well as a bike or scooter, be sure to bring along a helmet and perhaps some elbow and knee pads to make the most of the track.

Woodland Area

There’s also an area of woodland alongside the park to explore. The way into the wooded area is quite steep so it’s better suited to older children and younger ones will need some help to access it safely.

After visiting the play area there are lovely local walks available, Bucklebury Farm Park is a couple of minutes away and there are also a couple of pubs nearby. The Cottage Inn is just across the road and also has an outdoor seating area.

There is also a free onsite car park (just follow signs to the Memorial Hall in Upper Bucklebury). The Fred Dawson Play Park is situated behind the Memorial Hall in Upper Bucklebury

upper bucklebury playground


Business Name: The Fred Dawson Play Park

Address: 57 Broad Ln, Upper Bucklebury, Berkshire, RG7 6QH

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