Trow Pool and Water Tower

I’ve spotted Trow Pool Water Tower from the M40 many times but I had no idea until recently that Trow Pool was tucked away out of sight.  It’s a tranquil spot to explore with kids, close to Bicester.

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It’s a short walk along a path with the roar of cars on the motorway, but it does block out the sound of any squabbling kids!  It’s easy to know where you’re going as you just keep heading towards the Trow Pool Water Tower.  It’s got a small open area on the inside and a couple of steps that my boys climbed up and jumped off numerous times.

trow pool, trow pool bicester, trow pool walk

Pass through the gate just after the water tower on the right and follow the path straight ahead.  You can’t see the Trow Pool at the start but it’s not a long distance and even little legs will manage.

trow pool, trow pool bicester, trow pool walk

trow pool, trow pool bicester, trow pool walk

The Trow Pool is as a peaceful spot where you forget about the motorway traffic.  It’s not a huge area and perfect for finding sticks and wandering around.  There’s a little bridge that goes over a stream connecting two pools and it’s shallow enough there that you could paddle.

trow pool, trow pool bicester, trow pool walk

We parked and walked straight to the Trow Pool Water Tower and then on to Trow Pool.  However, if you’re in Bicester and fancy a longer walk from Bicester to Trow Pool then check out the review from Over 40 and Mum to One who’s a great local blogger.

Trow Pool Parking

There’s a small sign from the main road indicating Trow Pool and a small area that a few cars can park in.  You’ll be able to spot the Trow Pool Tower so you know you’re in the right place. Worth noting that it does say not to park directly in front of the gate.  We visited on a sunny Saturday morning and there wasn’t anyone else there.

trow pool, trow pool bicester, trow pool walk


Business Name: Trow Pool and Trow Pool Water Tower

Address: Middleton Road, between Middleton Stoney and Bucknell, Oxfordshire, OX25 4TB

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