uSports – Football Holiday Camp Woodford Park

uSports offer a variety of fun and engaging holiday camps for Primary and early Secondary school children.

Our Football Camps focus primarily on football skills and activities. You can expect football matches, games and skills throughout the day alongside lots of other fun sports and activities to make sure that the day is jam-packed full of fun from start to finish.

Find out more about the Woodley football holiday camp.

Our Shorter Day Holiday Camps; in line with Ofsted regulations, children who are 4 years old must only attend camps for 4 hours. This is for children who are currently in Foundation/Reception and is not for any 4 year olds who are yet to start.

Age Range for camps: 4-12 years

Timings: Clubs tend to run from 9-3pm or 9-1pm for shorter clubs. Drop off time is from 8:30am with a presentation at 2:50pm which parents are welcome to watch. 4 year olds must attend 9am – 1pm. Camps do not run on Bank Holidays.

Prices: Full day camps are priced at £25 per day and shorter camps are priced at £19.50 per day. Discounts can apply such as 10% Sibling Discount; 10% Community Subscriber, and Multi-Day Discounts. Some camps also offer HAF Discounts and accept Childcare Vouchers as payment. Please check our venue specific web pages for full details.

Contact details:
Tel: 0118 449 2641


Business Name: uSports

Address: Woodford Park 3G, Woodley, Berkshire, RG5 4LY


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