Witney Eco Party Packs

Love Parties? Hate Waste?

Witney Eco Party Packs provide for hire reusable children’s tableware and decorations for parties, BBQs, family gatherings, etc. There are three main packs available, with an assortment of add-ons to compliment.  Hire reusable partyware, say no to single-use and make your celebration a little greener.

The kits may be plastic, but they are sturdy, safe (fulfilling the requirements of EU and FDA regulations governing materials for food contact) and, crucially, re-usable.  When not in use, the packs are stored in a clean, dry location at home near Witney, West Oxon.

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What about the washing up?

Part of the attraction of disposable tableware is that fact that you don’t have to do the washing up.  No problem, Witney Eco Party Packs will even do the washing-up for you.


Not only are the packs brighter, more cheerful and more robust than disposables, but they are cheaper too. It would cost you almost £15 to buy enough disposable tableware for 20 people in Sainsbury’s. To hire from Witney Eco Party Packs will set you back just £10.

Party pack prices range from £7-15


You can collect directly from Witney Eco Party Packs near Witney or they will consider delivery provided it doesn’t compromise the environmental ethos behind the company. With that last point in mind, you may also be interested to know that 15% of each hire fee is donated to local good causes.

Please contact directly through the Witney Eco Party Pack facebook page or email witneyecopartypacks@gmail.com

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Business Name: Witney Eco Party Packs

Address: https://www.facebook.com/witneyecopartypacks/

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